b_solution is a system construction solution from prefabricated solid wood components for multi-storey residential construction that can be configured individually.

We rely on standard solid wood components for walls, ceilings and roofs which can be adapted flexibly and safely meet all German and Austrian standards and statutory regulations governing multi-storey residential buildings built from timber.

b_solution solves all timber construction challenges in a well-though-out, technically mature, certified and fully integrated way. You don't need any expert timber construction knowledge to use b_solution to plan and build as our experts have already solved all details. Thanks to its complete digitisation of all processes, b_solution stands for fixed quality, time schedules and price.


Solid wood stands for wellbeing and cosiness. The system's many architectural design options make sure of that. Using natural wood surfaces, one can achieve different indoor ambiances, for instance. Together with the wood’s excellent heat and moisture retention properties, the warm wooden surfaces guarantee a balanced indoor climate and high level of living comfort.

Standard components instead of standard buildings

Investors, clients, project developers and architects know exactly what counts when it comes to conceptualising a residential building. They know their customers' wishes, regional political framework conditions and legal requirements, but most of all, they know their own visions and demands towards a successful building project.



Decarbonising your residential construction project

With b_solution you build with airborne carbon, a contribution to decarbonising our atmosphere. Capitalise on b_solution's ecological "solid wood" bonus and the binderholz Zero Waste Principle to help your company achieve its ESG criteria and your building projects to reach the EU's environmental taxonony goals.

During their growth, trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere in the process known as photosynthesis. In turn, they emit oxygen (O) into their surroundings in the same process: An element vital to our own survival. Carbon (C) on the other hand, serves the trees' organic growth (wood) and remains sequestered for the wood's entire life cycle in the form of biomass.

Thus, 676 kg of equivalent carbon remains sequestered in every cubic metre of binderholz CLT BBS following the production process. Approx. 20 m3 of CLT BBS are used to build a 65-m2 b_solution flat. This is equal to approx. 13,500 kg of carbon eq. for every b_solution flat. Approx. 2,000 b_solution flats per year would thus result in 27,000 tons of sequestered carbon eq. That's equal to the amount of annual carbon emissions produced by 3,500 Europeans.

The amount of wood binderholz uses for the production of 1 cubic metre of binderholz CLT BBS grows back in Austria's forests every 2.3 seconds. Approx. 40,000 m3 of CLT BBS are used to build the 2,000 b_solution flats mentioned above. The amount of wood used to manufacture this amount of CLT BBS grows back within roughly one day (25 hours) in Austria's forests.

Sustainable and solid in wood

The central element of all b_solution wall, ceiling and roof elements is binderholz CLT BBS, a building product consisting entirely of solid wood. CLT BBS is able to carry high loads, is fire resistant, stores heat well and is both a great cold and noise insulator. In our b_solution building components, we make use of all these natural properties in a smart and systematic approach that makes the best out of its source material. All b_solution exterior and partitioning walls are fully load-transferring and, combined with b_solution ceilings, additionally brace the entire building. What's more, the mass of wood used creates a cosy and balanced indoor climate, in summer and winter alike.

All binderholz products are 100% PEFC certified or made from wood sourced from PEFC controlled sources. Implementing the PEFC's strict criteria and permanent internal monitoring of round and sawn timber flows, combined with annual external auditing on site by an independent certifying organisation, help us meet the targets of sustainable timber utilisation and thus, the PEFC's stipulations.

Serial and modular residential construction - a framework agreement with GdW

Spitzenverband der Wohnungswirtschaft GdW (the Leading German Housing Sector Association), the German Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning and the Central Federation of the German Construction Industry have set the course for the future of residential building with its "Framework Agreement on Serial and Modular Building 2.0". As one of 20 selected bidders in this European competition, we are thrilled about this agreement and are looking forward to working with our partners from Gustav Epple Bauunternehmung GmbH.

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