Affordable living space to feel at home in

A renewable and, as a result, infinitely available raw material, wood is one of the oldest building materials known to mankind. And for good reason, because wood naturally fulfils many requirements of a construction material: high load-bearing capacity, predictable fire behaviour, good thermal insulation behaviour at a high heat storage capacity, sufficient solidity for good sound insulation as well as excellent diffusion properties. Wood is familiar to us. We all know the positive, natural properties of wood as a building material. The comfortable indoor climate a wood construction provides is widely appreciated. But now more than ever, trees - entities that produce oxygen and sequester carbon – play an enormously important role in connection with one of mankind's greatest challenges: limiting global warming. Our forests are not only the 'lungs of the earth' but also the global carbon sink of our atmosphere. More use of wood in construction is active climate protection and at the same time leads to living spaces with a high feel-good factor and a comfortable indoor climate.

Further advantages of our individually configurable system construction solution for solid wood residential construction