b_solution system

Standard components instead of standard buildings

Investors, clients, project developers and architects know exactly what counts when it comes to conceptualising a residential building. They know their customers' wishes, regional political framework conditions and legal requirements, but most of all, they know their own visions and demands towards a successful building project.

b_solution relies on standard solid wood components for walls, ceilings and roofs which can be adapted flexibly and safely meet all German and Austrian standards and statutory regulations governing multi-storey residential buildings built from timber. Superstructures, execution details, fire protection, noise insulation, statics and building physics as well as clearly defined planning and construction interfaces are integral parts of our individual module solution.

Wall components

Our prefabricated walls, so-called flat packs, which are industrially prefabricated, leave ample room for individual planning. The wall's width and height as well as the location of window and door cut-outs can be adapted individually. The structure of the individual wall structure, however, is defined by the system and cannot be changed. This yields the essential benefits of flat packs that are standardised and can thus be produced industrially.

Ceiling components

All CLT BBS ceiling and roof elements are cut in the binderholz plants, delivered directly to the construction site and installed quickly, dryly and quietly. All other works such as the installation of floor heating and flooring itself, are then completed on site.

Our ceiling and roof elements' smooth sanded surface lend every room a warm and cosy ambience.  From natural to colourful.

b_box component | 3 in 1

b_box combines 3 functions in 1 room module. Standardised building technology, a premium bathroom and structurally load-transferring effects. What's more: Every b_box is produced in our serial production facility under strict quality control.

Combined Hybrid Distributor

All distributors and connections are located in an easily accessible, so-called Combined Hybrid Distributor right next to the b_box entrance door.

Electrical, cold and hot water, heating, pumps, shafts, fire walls, ventilation, moisture sensors and many other technical equipment is pre-installed in a systematic and certified way. It takes about 4 to 8 hours to fully produce a b_box and installation at the construction site takes a mere 20 minutes. We take care of all building technology planning of the b_solution structure. Technical building equipment: Clean, compact and trouble-free.

Equipment options

Shower or bathtub, single or double sink, washing machine connections, barrier-free or wheelchair accessible: b_box is also equipped with a completely tiled and equipped bathroom with toilet. In this respect, we offer the equipment options "Pure" and "High". The bathroom ceiling is finished in wood stained white, creating a cosy ambience.

Complete floor plan freedom

b_solution allows you to implement modern design, high energy standards such as Effizienzhaus 40 or category A++, smart technical equipment as well as sustainable and ecological building concepts with high quality, efficient planning, short construction time and fixed costs. b_solution is also suitable for various building site requirements. b_solution's system wall corner offers high levels of flexibility when it comes to planning and conceptualising a structure. Flexible corners between 70 and 110 degrees mean high levels of floor plan design freedom.

Every client, project developer, architect and construction company is able to design, plan and build with b_solution. Our qualified employees with advise and support you with the easy application of b_solution. We keep it simple for your smile.

Individual puzzle pieces result in a finished solution

For every project request, b_solution's system independently creates construction designs for the individual components, adapted to the building class and country's specific rules and regulations. Statics, fire protection, noise and heat insulation are thus solved safely. Building on this, every CAD programme can be used by the customer to design their desired individual structure.

Various options regarding facades, window sizes and shapes, shading, roof terrace solutions and concept balconies are available for the building's exterior design. "Pure" is our basic equipment level for all b_solution flats and can be adapted as an option. This includes premium and long-lasting materials. The so-called b_box, a room module prefabricated down to the last detail, contains building technology as well as a finished bathroom at various equipment levels, complementing the well-thought-out overall b_solution concept.

Planning and configuring made easy

Once the customer's planning and configuration of the desired construction project has been completed and sent to us, the b_solution system software automatically generates a three-dimensional digital twin of the designed building in the shortest possible time, which is then available ready for production and construction down to the last detail and fully costed. Digital cataloguing of all construction and equipment options, combined with the definition of b_solution industrial standards, makes this possible. At any time, we can use the digital twin to adapt configuration and equipment options, including adapted costing.

Once the final configuration has been determined, the digital twin is "frozen" and thus, finalised. This moment is the starting point for several standardised processes to automatically and industrially manufacture the b_solution module as well as to guarantee timely installation and completion in a quality-controlled manner.. b_solution is full of solutions. Not every one is revealed at first glance. All technical details are solved.

We don't leave anything to chance - time is money, but quality comes first

Fully digitised production. Generating quality and reducing costs.

b_solution stands for affordable residential construction. Nonetheless, we don't skimp on the quality of our suppliers or materials or the quality of our products and building solutions. We save on time. In planning, manufacturing and construction.

Low material stocks and optimised material cuts, digitised logistics and short distances, lean organisation and quality-assured processes, innovative and automated production lines as well as professionally competent and trained employees are the success factors of our industrial production. The individual production stations in our b_solution plant are centrally controlled by a so-called host computer, which is supplied with all the data required for production and material procurement directly from the digital twin of the building planning system. Independent of wind and weather, we serially manufacture system components for up to 2,000 residential units at consistently high quality and under optimal conditions in our b_solution plant in Hallein, Austria. Visit us.

No compromises in terms of quality

The b_solution quality management system is based on clearly defined and mostly digitised processes. Independent organisations monitor and certify our detail solutions, products, manufacturing processes and quality. Various certificates prove that our quality-controlled components meet legal requirements and standards.

All b_solution building products are monitored for quality by Holzforschung Austria ("Austrian Wood Research Association") and meet all technical building standards. Our building products can moreover be equipped with the ÜA and Ü label.