Sattendorf Residential Complex, Carinthia | Austria

Living at Lake Ossiach

Two blocks of flats are currently being built on a hill on the northern shore of Lake Ossiach in Carinthia. The buildings house more than 13 residential units sized between 45 and 130 m2 of floor space.

The architects designed their simple support structure using load-bearing b_solution wall and ceiling elements, which allowed them to let the owners shape the individual flat floor plans according to their own wishes.

All residential units are equipped with b_boxes. The b_box is an entirely prefabricated sanitary module that serves as a compact supply unit and contains all technical installations from the factory. All supply and waste lines are pre-laid inside a continuous channel on the rear of the b_box. This reduces the installation efforts at the construction site to a minimum.

The residential units are accessed via an exterior pergola made of steel. The balconies were added to the building by the client themselves. In order to comply with the requirements of the local architectural heritage, the buildings are equipped with saddle roofs.

These extensions and additions necessitated close coordination of the interfaces to the prefabricated b_solution system components. Due to the uncompromising adherence to the system standards for the main parts of the buildings, b_solution was nevertheless able to realise this residential complex extremely economically in CLT BBS solid wood construction.