HK Elektrik Office Building, Wals | Austria

The HK Elektrik project in Wals impresses by its simplicity. A factory hall was increased by 1,000 m² of usable office space and a janitor's flat without building over a single square meter of undeveloped green space.

With the b_solution CAD plug-in, the architects were able to design the building quickly and easily with individual system components and immediately receive it as a 3D model with all system details and equipment information. This so-called “digital twin” of the building is the basis for the fast, well-founded and accurate b_solution construction project calculation. Regional and national building laws as well as fire protection and structural regulations were already preset for the building project by the project-related CAD plug-in.

Using highly prefabricated wall elements allows us to adapt the width and height of walls as well as the location of window and door breakthroughs individually. Only the wall layout itself is clearly defined – for this results in the significant benefit of industrially produced wall elements.

The load-bearing structure of all walls and the entire roof consists of fully load-transferring CLT BBS. When it comes to the roof elements’ interior view, the architects were able to choose between natural and stained wood surfaces as well as plasterboards.

The bathroom of the janitor's flat was constructed using the so-called b_box. The b_box is a room module prefabricated down to the last detail and contains the complete building services installations as well as the wet rooms (bathroom/WC). Once again, the architects were able to create individual designs using three different b_box sizes and equipment levels. Installing sanitary units including the entire technical building equipment was never faster or easier as all supply and waste lines as well as connections for electrical, heating, water and IT-media are pre-installed in the factory. On site, they only need to be connected via connectors and sliding sleeves.

Continuous quality assurance and certification as well as 100 % design reliability due to the comprehensive digitisation of the offer, design, production and construction processes all the way to the handover as well as the traceability and transparency of all processes round off the b_solution concept.