Ten tower blocks and naves offering 156 residential units

b_solution wowed in more than one respect

The construction project is located in a fast-growing municipality in Freiburg/Baden-Württemberg. Ten tower blocks and naves offering 156 residential units form a continuously green ensemble with excellent residential and recreational quality.

The client received the project which had been designed to be erected using reinforced concrete in its approval phase. The company’s ecological orientation, high time pressure during project implementation while simultaneously reducing costs convinced the client to switch to a timber system method. Using the b_solution CAD plug-in and individually adaptable system components, the architects and designers were able to quickly draw up a 3D model, a so-called digital twin, for the construction project. b_solution’s adaptable wall elements and prefabricated bathroom modules allowed the existing designs to be implemented without relevant changes.

The four-storey buildings rest on a joint underground carpark. Simple load transfer via cross-walls, economic ceiling spans and well thought-out flat floorplans allow for the efficient and cost-optimised use of b_solution. The wall modules’ high degree of prefabrication from CLT BBS made it possible to individually chose the width and height of the walls as well as the positions of window and door break-throughs. Even the ceilings and roofs are entirely made from load transferring solid wood. b_box, on the other hand, is a completely prefabricated sanitary module. Serving as a compact supply unit within the flat, it comes with all technical building equipment pre-installed in the factory. All supply and waste lines are pre-laid inside a continuous channel on the rear of the b_box. This reduces installation work at the construction site to a minimum.

The construction of staggered storeys makes full use of the building density and at the same time loft flats with large roof terraces can be offered. In order to ensure even swifter construction progress and to minimise intersections with the concrete construction, the staircases, including the lift shafts and the stair tread plates, are also being made from CLT BBS.

The energy concept includes solar panels on the green flat roofs, a combined heat and power unit for heat generation and decentralised ventilation with heat recovery in all living spaces.

b_solution is the first individually system solution with prefabricated solid wood components for multi-storey residential construction that can be designed individually and a sophisticated overall concept. This made it possible to quickly and easily implement an extraordinary overall project in the framework of this building scheme.