Soundproofing measurements in the model building mock_up were successfully completed

Extensive sound measurements have recently been carried out in the b_solution model building mock_up in Hallein, Salzburg. The outcomes of the measured system components were convincing and guarantee an excellent sound insulation.

Airborne sound measurements were carried out on both horizontal and vertical components as well as impact sound measurements on ceiling components.

In the apartment partition, the airborne sound was measured on the upper floor and on the ground floor of the mock_up. The legal requirements regarding sound insulation effective in Germany and Austria were met.

The apartment partition ceiling reached values of R'w = 63 dB or D'nT, w = 62 dB for airborne sound and L'n,w = 45 dB or L'nTw = 44 dB for the impact sound. This result meets the Austrian requirements for footfall sound protection in apartment partition ceilings very well and even meets the increased requirements for sound insulation in Germany (DIN 4109-5:2020-08, Table 1).

Very low sound transmission was also detected in the prefabricated b_solution room module b_box, in which all supply and disposal pipes as well as the connections for electrical, heating, water and media had been readily installed.

These measurements proved that the b_solution wall and ceiling superstructures in combination with the standardised connection solutions are ideally suited for multi-storey residential construction.