Project study for Centro Laakirchen

A 6-storey residential complex with 29 flats could soon be built here. These are divided into two- and three-room flats. Originally planned as a reinforced concrete building with full heat protection, the project was quickly rescheduled (at the request of the client) to the b_solution system. The result is a high-quality solid wood construction with a rear-ventilated wooden façade. The specified budget can be met without any problems.

The planners of F2 Architekten ZT GmbH were in no way restricted by planning grids, which facilitated a free design of the floor plan. The building is accessed by a stairwell core with lift shaft. Thanks to the highly prefabricated wall modules, it is also possible to choose the width and height of the walls as well as the position of the window and door openings individually. The whole project is rounded off with the system balconies and a wooden façade.

Ceilings and roofs are made of fully load-bearing CLT BBS with natural wood in visible quality. However, a plasterboard planking would also be possible as well.

The bathrooms here consist of the so-called b_box. This room module, which is prefabricated down to the last detail, includes the complete technical installations as well as the wet rooms (bathrooms / toilets). Here, too, the architects were able to plan individual options with three different sizes and equipment variants of the b_box.