b_solution solid wood components now carry the Ü and ÜA labels

Construction products receive the Ü and ÜA label in Germany and Austria, respectively, if their production involves a production method monitored by authorities. These labels certify that b_solution wall, ceiling and roof elements meet legal requirements and construction standards. They guarantee that b_solution’s manufacturing processes are being monitored by an independent and recognised testing authority.

The certificate is obtained after successful completion of several testing and review steps. In the first step, the construction components are tested on the basis of structural criteria. Then, in the production facility, compliance with production steps is assessed. The manufacturer must prove that the components are manufactured as described in the construction documents. Proving comprehensive quality documentation and fault avoidance measures is among the most essential areas. The last step involves an audit at the construction site during which execution and connection details are reviewed. Even after the certification has been obtained, monitoring is continued by means of regular reviews by the independent testing body.

The certificate therefore guarantees that the customer receives quality-tested components that meet legal specifications and standards.