b_solution is a member of DGNB

DGNB stands for German Sustainable Building Council. Founded in 2007, the DGNB is now Europe's largest network for sustainable construction. As a non-profit organization, the DGNB is committed to demonstrably good buildings, livable neighborhoods, in short, a sustainable built environment. Its goal is to transform the construction and real estate market toward an appropriate understanding of quality as the basis for responsible, sustainable action.

Around 1,600 members from all sectors of the planning, construction, and real estate industries, as well as from local authorities, universities, and associations, are involved under the umbrella of the DGNB.

In order to make sustainable construction practically applicable, measurable and thus comparable, the DGNB has developed its own certification system. This is available in different variants for buildings, interiors, and quarters - for new buildings as well as for existing projects.

As b_solution, we are now pleased to be an active member of the DGNB. Our sustainable strategy and responsible use of wood as a building material fits ideally into the philosophy of the DGNB.

The name which stands behind b_solution is binderholz, a brand of the Tyrolean entrepreneurial family Binder. binderholz is one of the most significant suppliers of solid wood products and innovative construction solutions internationally. For each project, the aim is to combine individuality and proven standards for a distinctively cost-efficient result.

The binderholz value creation chain is based on the principle of 'zero waste'. This means that 100% of the timber raw material is processed. Innovative solid wood products are created from the delivered logs. The resulting residual wood is processed into biofuels, thermal energy, and green electricity.

The b_solution system solution with prefabricated solid wood components for multi-storey residential construction is characterized by several advantages. Solid wood is a sustainably renewable raw material. When wood is used as a building material, it serves as a safe CO2 reservoir for many years. In addition, wood is a natural energy store. Together with the excellent properties of the wood mass as a heat and moisture store, the warm wooden surfaces guarantee a balanced living climate and a high level of living comfort. Furthermore, b_solution system solutions are characterized by their easy deconstructability as well as their high degree of recyclability and can be completely ecologically recycled at the end of their life cycle.

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